Leverton Piano Studio


Testimonials for Rosemarie Leverton, piano teacher on Bowen Island:

Thank you Rosemarie, for a fantastic first year of piano for my two boys. In particular, thank you for taking the time to get to know them, how they learn and what motivates them, and adjusting your teaching style accordingly. Even though my children have very different personalities and learning styles, they both advanced greatly in their piano skills and finished the year loving playing the piano! When I asked them if they’d like to take piano with Rosemarie again next year, they both looked at me like I was crazy for asking and replied ‘of course!’ – Rosalind Leggatt

My son has done exceptionally well his first year with Rosemarie as his teacher. He has learned 40 songs in the past 5 months. Not only did my son grow as a piano player, he gained more confidence in himself. One thing he liked is that Rosemarie personalized his lessons according to his age and what music he enjoys. Because of this, he practices happily and voluntarily. His level of music ability has increased beyond our expectations and we look forward to the next season. – Karmyn Urrea

Our daughter Ela started taking piano lessons from Rosemarie a few months ago and she loves it. Rosemarie is a great teacher- very patient and encouraging. – Tara Kane-Vaziri

My kids, ages 8 and 6, have fallen head over heals in love with piano!! Thanks to Rosemarie Leverton, they have learned the correct skills in a creative and fun way. My kids love to practice – I never have to remind or ask them. I attribute a lot of that to Rosemarie’s ability to find the right balance of challenging material and pieces of music that makes them feel proud when they have mastered them. – Jeni Redekopp.

Rosemarie is a wonderful teacher. My daughter really enjoys her lessons because of Rosemarie’s calm and patient way of teaching. She also enjoys feeling involved in what she learns. The method Rosemarie uses allows my daughter to read music and understand how to play a piece with expression. I’m very grateful. – Caroline Lapointe.

One of my best decisions as a parent was to have my daughter take piano lessons with Rosemarie. It was very important for me to foster my child’s interests outside of school so she could build self esteem based on her strengths and accomplishments. Piano has been a valuable part of that. With Rosemarie, she has learned to play beautifully and grown in confidence. Plus, the lesson and practice routine is so well organized it is one of the few things in our home that run like clockwork. – Deshai Brar.

Thanks so much for the adorable photos and the wonderful recital – you do such a great job teaching the kids and then giving them a lovely opportunity to perform and feel a sense of accomplishment for all their work over the year. – Andrea Koehle-Jones.

Thank you, Rosemarie, for all your hard work and efforts in working with our two daughters. The recital you organized was a great showcase of all your students and their various talents. We look forward to future performances! – David Honing.

I just wanted to take a moment and say “thank you” for all of your good humour and patience with me over the past several years. I enjoy our lessons immensely and although I never have as much free time to practice as I should – I always manage to get something done and feel a sense of accomplishment as we move through pieces at the pace life allows. You have taught me a lot about rhythm and timing and I feel more confident as a result and somehow you manage to strike a balance between classical pieces, my desire to play popular songs, technique, and sight reading… – Doug Elliott.