Leverton Piano Studio


The following is a policy statement for piano lessons at Leverton Piano Studio.

Weekly Lessons

  • Lessons are 30 minutes each (45 minutes upon request for adults or more advanced students).
  • Lesson times are available on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.
  • For new students, piano method and additional books are provided, at which time payment can be made via cash or cheque.  For the first lesson, please bring a 3-ring binder which is at least 1.5 inches wide (ring size), stands up on its own on the piano stand, and contains 4 dividers (practice sheets, repertoire, exercises, other handouts).
  • Student is responsible for bringing all required books to every lesson (including practice binder, lesson and technique books, and any additional repertoire).
  • The studio is open for lessons from September through mid-June.
  • Lessons are NOT given on statutory holidays. One lesson is provided during spring break.  A detailed email listing dates when the studio is closed is provided at the beginning of each teaching season.  Note that lessons ARE given on school Pro-D days and District Wide reading breaks.


  • Students are expected to practice a minimum of five times per week.
  • Both parents and students are expected to review the weekly practice sheet sent home after the lesson.  Detailed instructions are provided on the practice sheet to assist the student with practice on technique, sight-reading, repertoire and theory.
  • Students and parents are encouraged to communicate via email for any practice questions or issues that arise between lesson times.


  • All students are expected to attend a performance class (students only: no parents) at the end of November in my studio.
  • In late May, a more formal recital is held at Cates Hill Chapel, at which time students can invite parents, family and friends to enjoy their performance. There will be a small fee per family to cover the cost of the facility rental.


  • Tuition is due on September 1st as a series of ten post-dated cheques (Sept – June), four lump-sum payments (Sept, Dec, Feb, May), or two lump-sum payments (Sept, Jan).
  • Tuition is charged for a set number of lessons for the year (actual number to be confirmed at the start of the season in September).
  • * New * An additional 3 lessons are included at no extra cost (see policy re: Missed Lessons).


  • One month notice is required for termination of piano lessons.

Missed Lessons

  • Lessons canceled by the student, for any reason, are considered missed lessons.
  • * New * The 3 extra lessons offered during the year can be used in lieu of missed lessons. If you never miss a lesson, then you get 3 free lessons during the year.
  • Please do not send your child to a lesson if he/she is sneezing or coughing frequently, or has been physically ill within the past 24 hours.
  • If I am sick and unable to teach, then I will offer a credit for the piano lesson.
  • I am available to teach lessons via Skype or FaceTime for students too ill to attend the lesson in person, but willing and able to have a lesson in the comfort of their own home.