Leverton Piano Studio


Directions to the piano studio:

  • From Snug Cove, drive towards Hood Point.
  • Once past the Legion, you will follow the main road (the main road name changes from Miller to Scarborough and finally to Eagle Cliff):
    • Turn RIGHT at the corner,
    • Turn LEFT at the next corner,
    • Turn RIGHT again, then
    • turn LEFT at the mailboxes at Lower Oceanview.
  • Turn right into the PAVED shared driveway at 1349 Eagle Cliff Road (1349 is one of four house numbers listed on a large wooden sign).
  • Turn left into the gravel parking area behind the first house, and walk through the red door to the piano studio in the basement of the house.

1349 Eagle Cliff Road
Bowen Island, BC
(h) 604 947 9588
(c) 604 710 1557


Directions to Leverton Piano Studio on Bowen Island:

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