Leverton Piano Studio


Since 2003, Rosemarie Leverton has been teaching both children and adults to play the piano. During her high school years, Rosemarie attained Grade 10 in the Royal Conservatory program while studying with Keiko Parker in Burnaby, BC. After working over a decade in the IT industry and raising two children, Rosemarie returned to the piano.

Over the years, she has studied with three exceptional piano teachers, all of whom have provided mentorship and taught her practical pedagogical skills as she established her own piano studio:

  • Elaine Taylor of Bowen Island has provided long-term mentorship to Rosemarie in the art of teaching piano since the late 1990’s.
  • While living in the East Bay of California for two years, Rosemarie studied with Anne Cunnyngham Russell (Walnut Creek, California) and completed a “Teaching Beginning Piano” course at Las Positas College.
  • In 2014, Rosemarie completed her Elementary Piano Pedagogy certificate with the Royal Conservatory, after studying for a year with Daniel Mahlberg in Burnaby, B.C.