Leverton Piano Studio


Looking for piano lessons on Bowen Island? Welcome to Leverton Piano Studio, located in the Scarborough neighbourhood of Bowen Island, BC, just 5 minutes from Snug Cove.

Hi, my name is Rosemarie Leverton, and I teach piano to students, young and old, on Bowen Island. I love playing the piano and sharing my enthusiasm for music with students. My studio opened in 2003, and I’ve had the pleasure of teaching children as young as five years old, older children and teens, as well as young-at-heart students in their sixties. All of these students share one common goal: to learn how to play the piano and enjoy themselves in the process.

Learning proper technique is foremost, followed by acquiring the skills necessary for sight-reading a large variety of repertoire. I am a classically trained pianist, but I continually strive to learn new ways of teaching technique, sight-reading, ear-training and theoretical concepts. In addition to sourcing repertoire (e.g., classical, jazz, contemporary) in print version, I also search for online compositions and activities that engage students in new and exciting ways.

Not every piece of music will appeal to every student, so once I know what styles and genres a student would like to play, I make it my mission to find material that appeals. Some pieces may be out of reach initially, but with proper technique planning and interim pieces, students have a higher degree of success at achieving their goals: playing a particularly challenging piece, or reaching a certain level of a book method or grade level.

Leverton Piano Studio - interior